About our Orthotics

Orthotics are in-shoe devices sometimes essential in the treatment of common foot pain and functional foot problems. They are manufactured from special plastics available in different thicknesses and levels of firmness. 

Wagga Foot Clinic provides two different kinds of orthotics: 

  • Prefabricated orthotics: ready-made orthotics that come in a generic size and can have additions applied depending on your foot problem. 
  • Custom foot orthotics: orthotics that are made specifically for your foot from a cast, impression or digital scan, which is sent to a specialist lab for production. 

All the orthotics issued at Wagga Foot Clinic come with a six month warranty from the issue date, which includes any follow-up appointments and adjustments to the orthotics within this time period. 

Our podiatrists also re-cover and, where possible if required, adjust existing orthotics. 

Wearing your orthotics

When issued, your podiatrist will discuss any adjustment period that may be required for you to get used to your orthotics and ongoing care for them. It is important that you follow the instructions below to get the full benefit and life out of your orthotics. 

  • Remove any existing insoles from your footwear 
  • Insert your orthotics, pushing firmly into the heel and running your hand down the device to ensure there is no creasing towards your toes 
  • Gradually wear in your orthotics. We recommend one hour on the first day, increasing by one hour daily if comfortable, to allow your body to adjust 
  • You may experience some initial discomfort, but please phone us if the discomfort worsens or becomes prolonged 
  • Your orthotics should be comfortable for daily use before you use them in sport 
  • Your orthotics should be reviewed by your podiatrist annually 

Care instructions

  • Do not immerse your orthotics in water or put them in the machine. Wipe them for cleaning with a damp cloth or baby wipe. 
  • If your orthotics become smelly or you suffer with tinea, spray them lightly with Glen 20 
  • Ensure all dirt and gravel is regularly cleared from your footwear 
  • Do not leave your orthotics in the sun, the car or where your dog may be able to pick them up!



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